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Welcome to The Murdishaw Church Website


Murdishaw Church is in Runcorn, Cheshire UK. We are an Ecumenical Church, we have members from a wide range of Christian backgrounds; but we all share in the love of God and the commitment to each other and the local community.

The area where we live is the Murdishaw area of Runcorn. This is a New Town estate, first started in 1974. Now, over 25 years later, it is mostly owned by the Riverside Housing Trust and Liverpool Housing Trust, though a significant number of residents have bought their own houses. Along with the Housing Association properties, a number of privately owned developments have been built, so that there is quite a mix within the local area.

In the early days the residents of the New Town estates were subject to vetting for their 'suitability', and so many of the longer term residents are concerned at the changing social mix in the area, which now scores highly on a number of social deprivation indices.

The people of Murdishaw Church see their primary role as to worship God and to show His good works in the area. We are daunted to be His hands and heads, but we do what we can.


We hope you enjoy looking at our site, and if you can make space in your prayers for us, then we would be grateful.

You can contact us at murdishawchurch@hotmail.com We may take a little while to reply, but hopefully not too long